Lesson 3

Importance of order

You may have heard that an order is the basis of Feng Shui. And maybe you said to yourself that´s nothing for you, because you don't have time to run around the apartment with a rag all day. Or, on the contrary, you have taken it to heart and now you are cleaning and tidying up, and then you do not have time for yourself or for your family.

What´s the correct meaning of order in Feng Shui and why is that important? In fact, it's not about messy floor or about the most efficient storage system possible. 

Order means being clear about who I am, where I am going and how do I express it in my space - whether the things I surround myself with are in line with me and my goals.

If you want to bring something new into your life, at first, you need to get rid of the old 

Big cleaning

By cleaning, I don't mean wiping dust on all the relics you have laid out at home now, or creating a better storage system for that bunch of different things that have somehow occurred to you during your life so far, and now you don't know what to do with them.

I mean sorting out. What in your apartment or life is in accordance with your dreams, and what definitely does not belong there? Go through the whole apartment gradually, room after room, closet after closet. Take every single thing in your hand and answer the question: Is this thing in harmony with my dream life?

Deal with clutter

In general, we have more things in the apartment than we really need. A set of kitchen utensils someone convinced you during the demonstration that you absolutely need it, and now they hinder unused in a kitchen, a stationary bike or another exercise tool that you bought years ago in a New Year's euphoria and now hinder in a bedroom, a gift from someone who didn't guess your preferences and it seems inapropriate to throw it away, anything that was on sale at a bargain price and you believed it might fit in... It won't help cleaning up or invent  the better and more efective storage system, the only solution is uncompromisingly sort out!

Horded things block your supply of life energy and hinder you in achieving your goals!

Types of clutter and what to do with them

  • 1
    Messed up or unfinished things
    Dripping faucet, snagging door, peeling plaster, broken device ...
  • 2
    Piles of unsorted or not deferred things
    The thing you've put in the corner until you find a place for it, another thing you've used and left uncleared with intention to put it in order "later". There are weeks out of days, ten things out of two, and there is still no time to do that.
  • 3
    Things you don't use or don't like
    Things bought at a "nice price" that you don't really need, gifts from friends who haven't guessed your taste and it's stupid to throw them away. Things you don't use anymore or don't like, but "maybe you can still wall up".

What can we do about it?

There are many systems to proceed. But sometimes it is enough to realize the seriousness of the situation - horded things block your supply of life energy and hinder you in achieving your goals! The longer you close your eyes to the mess, the more tired and nervous you will be.

Depending on the condition of your household and the time you have available, you can choose a one-time all-day (or several-day) break, or set aside a part of the day within a certain period (week, month).

If there are so many things that you feel that cleaning would take too much time and you do not have enough mental strength to do so, it will help to clean up with a small piece, such as a hall or a bathroom. Successful cleaning of at least a piece of household will evoke a pleasant feeling in you and add flavor to the next partial cleaning :-).

Solution according to individual categories

  • 1
    Damaged or unfinished things
    The solution to this category of clutter is clear - repair damaged items (bring them into repair) or replace or throw them away, complete or remove unfinished things. Sometimes we are able to get around bad things for years because we don't have time to do anything about it. It's just a matter of priority - when we understand that it's causing us unnecessary problems, suddenly time will come 🙂
  • 2
    Kicked unsorted and unsaved items
    In this category of clutter, it's important to be aware of the nature of the things being untied - are these things that you use and you haven't put them in place? Or are they located somewhere because all the storage spaces in the apartment are already full? If you find that clutter is made up of things that don't go away, just clean them up and get in the habit of putting things away right after use. But if you find that most things just don't have a place, it's high time to start sorting.
  • 3
    Things you don't use or don't like
    Getting rid of this category of clutter is usually the most difficult for people, but it also has the greatest effect. Choose a room, closet or just a drawer, take any thing in it and find out when you last used it and how you feel about it. Do you use it often? Does it evoke joy in you? If both answers are no, remove the thing from the apartment - throw it away, donate or sell it. If you experience the relief of throwing things that just took up space, the joy of the recipient or even the financial benefit of the sold unused item, you will no longer have to force yourself into it, cleaning will be easier and happier for you.

How do you make sure your clutter doesn't recur?

  • Try to understand why it is important to keep your home tidy - the environment around you affects your whole life. If you have chaos and clutter around you, you can hardly feel peace and harmony. Your apartment takes your energy instead of recharging you.
  • When you are about to buy a new thing, think about whether you really need it, or if it is just an impulsive idea, a seemingly advantageous price or an indefinite possibility of need. Try to throw in one new thing with each new thing you bring, and then think about which one you could throw away and whether this new one is really better.

Also, realize that the opposite is true - our external environment only reflects our inner world, and if you are surrounded by uselessness or create clutter and chaos around you for a long time, it means that something is wrong inside you as well. Here he will help work to uncover his inner blocks and limitations, to change his attitude to himself and to life. It takes longer to clean the apartment, but the advantage is that the other things around you will then be arranged as if by yourself :-).

If you have managed to get rid of most of the clutter, I recommend cleaning the apartment energetically - also doing an energy cleaning. Instructions can be found among the bonuses.

This lesson is mainly about deeds, you don't need any dizzying new theoretical information about cleaning. The most important thing is to realize why this is important and to rearrange your priorities. Make a plan, agree who will help you if necessary, but most importantly - go to the event.

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