Power position

The most important rule when placing a house on land, or when placing furniture, is to adhere to the principle of 5 animals. What does it mean?

The turtle with its armor provides reliable protection, its place is at the back, when orienting the house should be from the north

The phoenix needs to spread its wings for its flight, it symbolizes the free space in front, ideally from the south

The dragon is a symbol of strength for the Chinese, it protects from the left, when the house is oriented correctly from the east

Tiger with its strength represents the protection on the right, with the correct orientation of the house from the west

The principle of using 5 animals is not just a kind of Chinese invention. It is based on the basic instincts of survival, which are stored in our subconscious as atavisms from the times when we lived in caves and our survival depended on our senses. It was a matter of life and death to have a solid wall behind us so that no one would surprise us from the back, and to watch the entrance so that we could see a possible intruder. Even many centuries of civilized life did not manage to cover up the instincts cultivated by millennia.

The house should therefore always be protected from behind, "from the back". Once upon a time, it was the mountains that created protection. Today it can be a taller building, or at least a solid fence at the back of the plot. If you have a sloping plot, the house should be situated so that the plot rises up behind the house.

In front of the house, there is a need for a place where energy can flow in and gather to feed the house and its occupants. Therefore, it is good to leave free space in front of the house so that the house is not situated on the plot right at the entrance to the plot. The collection of positive energy will be supported by the careful design of this space, you can plant flowers or shrubs and trees here (only if there is enough space, so as not to block the entrance to the house). The access walkway should be slightly winding, like a river, not just a straight line from the door to the house.

The dragon and the tiger represent protection from the sides. The dragon should be taller than a tiger. In the case of a house on the left (when viewed from the front door outside) it may be another building (lower than the house) or mature trees, on the right a garage or gazebo, i. building lower than the one on the left.


Use of the principle of 5 animals in the interior

All of these tips are useful if you're just about to build. But what to do if the house is already built or you live in an apartment in a block of flats?

Turtle and phoenix in the interior

When placing furniture in the interior, try to place places where you will spend more time (bed, sofa, work place), always so that you have a solid wall behind your back as protection (turtle principle).

When placing the already mentioned elements, also make sure that you have a sufficient view of the space (Fénix), it is ideal if you also have an entrance to the room in the field of view.

Dragon and Tiger in the interior

In the interior, when choosing the layout of the furniture, you can place a higher piece of furniture (representing the Dragon) on the left side while sitting, and a lower one (like the Tiger) on the right. However, you should not place furniture that extends beyond your head directly to a sofa, table, or bed.

The exception is a double bed - here the bedside tables should be the same, and apply the rule of higher furniture to the left a little further from the bed.

Now check all the places in your apartment where you get used to staying longer. Do they meet these principles? Do you have them in a position of strength? If not, consider how you could change that.

You already know the most important principle when placing furniture. Let's look at another of the basic principles of feng shui, the principle of yin and yang.

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