Important places in the apartment

Not all places in our house or apartment are equally important. Some have more influence over us than others. They can affect us positively or negatively depending on how we have them arranged and adjusted. Which places in the apartment should you pay special attention to? Editing which places can bring you the most positive effect?


3 pillars of feng shui



Why is entry so important that it is listed as the first pillar of feng shui? The reason is simple - we can only work with the energy that enters us. He enters us right through the front door. The size, shape and condition of the entrance door, together with the equipment of the entrance area, determines the nature of the energy that can then flow through our house or apartment.


We spend 6-8 hours a day in bed, sometimes more. As a result, it is the most intensively used piece of furniture in our home. During sleep we are vulnerable, our body regenerates and the mind rests. The right bed and bedroom equipment directly affect the amount of energy we manage to draw during the night. Quality rest or, conversely, its lack, in turn, affects our entire lives. Therefore, maximum attention must be paid to the furnishing of the bedroom and, above all, to the selection and placement of the bed.


We receive energy with food. When cooking, the chef influences how much energy and what character the food will have. It is therefore important what position he is in during cooking, it affects his mood and therefore also what energy he transmits to food. Equally important is the overall equipment of the kitchen - color, correct layout, practical layout and equipment. The kitchen usually serves us for 10 years or more, so it is important not to succumb to the current trend and to pay attention to the conscious kitchen equipment in accordance with the principles of feng shui.

These 3 basic pillars are so important that a separate lesson is devoted to each of them. In this lesson, we will look at other important parts of the house or apartment.

Living room

If you live with your family, a common space for meeting the family is very important, it is usually a living room. Unless it is pleasantly furnished, family members will not feel like staying here and family life will suffer. Therefore, it is important that each member of the family has something in this common space that expresses him or that he likes - his photos, pictures of his hobby or his own creations, favorite color and the like. It is also important to arrange the furniture so that it allows each other to communicate with each other so that family members can talk to each other comfortably. If the center of the living room is a television, it does not create the preconditions for cordial and honest conversations, the family may be alienated and disinterested or misunderstood due to lack of communication.

Home office

If you work from home, you are affected by the equipment of your office. If space permits, position your desk so that you are in a position of strength. If you have to move the table against the wall due to lack of space, hang a picture with a perspective or a board of targets on the wall in front of you so that you do not have to look at the wall. If you can't see the door from your workplace, place a mirror or other shiny surface so that you have a view of the door at least this way. If you have not found a place in the work area other than in the bedroom, it is advisable to cover it at night or otherwise optically separate it so that you do not be disturbed by thoughts of work when you fall asleep.

Children's or student room

This room is very demanding, as it is multifunctional and it is necessary to reconcile various conflicting requirements. The child sleeps here, learns, devotes himself to his hobbies and rests. The same principles apply to the sleeping place as to the bedroom (in the next lesson), while the rules apply to the workplace as to the study. It is suitable in the room for sleeping and working or. separate learning at least visually or in color. This can be a problem in a block of flats due to space constraints and compromises need to be made, here the priority is always the correct placement of the bed. For reasons of space, the bed can also be pushed against the wall (many children feel safer), but it is necessary for the bed to have a firm headboard or a solid piece of furniture behind the head.

Which places you need to be careful about


Bathroom and a toilet

Energy leaves the house in these places. We clean ourselves here physically and energetically, and we remove dirt through pipes outside the house. It is not appropriate to attract attention (and thus energy) to these rooms with a very conspicuous and ostentatious device. Keep the bathroom and toilet doors closed. The solution of the bathroom connected to the bedroom is not very suitable, you miss energy from the space where you need it most. If you have a bathroom connected to the toilet, the toilet should not be visible immediately from the entrance, it is better to separate it at least partially.

There are more rules for furnishing the whole apartment, I will discuss this in more detail in a more advanced course. If you do not want to learn complicated things, use the services of a consultant ;-). But the most important thing is to pay attention to the equipment of the 3 pillars, which you will learn about in the following lessons.

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