Why is entry so important that it is listed as the first pillar of feng shui? The reason is simple - we can only work with the energy that enters us. He enters us right through the front door. The size, shape and condition of the entrance door, together with the equipment of the entrance area, determines the nature of the energy that can then flow through our house or apartment.

Reading of the incoming energy

Stand in the front door and look out of the apartment - what do you see? How does it affect you? How do you feel? Maybe you are just used to your entry and do not think about it. Try to look at it as if you saw it for the first time - what will be the character of the energy that will come from this space? And if you were expecting a rare visit, would you be proud to bring it here?

Imagine the flow of energy as a river - if we regulate it and the flow flows - it is too fast, there is not much life in it. If, on the other hand, he stays standing somewhere, a stinking swamp will form, and he probably won't be tempted to wake him up. The ideal state is a naturally meandering river that flows peacefully and is full of life.

Likewise, we want to bring energy to our home that is calm and meandering, full of life-giving qi.

The ideal is therefore a slightly undulating access walkway bordered by flowers, passing through a modified front garden pleasing to the eye to the front door. A pleasant space is created in front of the door, where the incoming energy can accumulate. The front door itself is full, reasonably large, in the right proportion to the proportions of the house. They contain all 5 elements, their design welcomes and entices you to enter the house.

After opening the door, we are greeted by a bright spacious hall, and you feel a pleasant feeling: "Finally home!"

If this is the case - congratulations, move on to the next pillar. But I know from experience that the reality is often completely different. Let's take a look at some of the situations that can arise when accessing your door:

  • your access walkway is straight
    Solution: you can slow down the energy at least with optical ripples - plant flowers around the sidewalk to form a wavy line, or use colored stones for this purpose, place lights, statues or other decorations alternately around the sidewalk, or lay the wavy line at least off the pavement on the sidewalk
  • the entrance hall is narrow and dark
    Solution: optically expand the space with the help of pictures - leaves from the picture hanging calendar with motifs of sun-drenched landscape or flowers will serve. Make sure the light works, try to provide a stronger source, keep the corridor clean. If you live in a house without an elevator and therefore go out to your door on the stairs, you can also hang pictures on the walls next to the stairs. Again, the used wall calendars with motifs of flowers, fresh green nature, cute animals, or drawings of your children or yours, whatever will please and pleasantly tune you, will serve, and at the same time energize it so that it reaches your door as much as possible.
  • stairs lead to the door
    Solution: guide the energy up the stairs with red, light, or flowers - if you have a handrail, paint it red, or plant climbing flowers next to the railing. If the stairs are wide enough, you can place flower pots along the edges. Place lights along the stairs, especially at the top. By the way, the stairs as well as the sidewalk are better rounded than straight.
  • you enter through the garage
    Solution: the entrance through the garage is not very suitable, although I understand that if you walk by car, it is maximally practical. Try to use the main entrance at least when you walk or when visitors come. Try to adjust the entrance from the garage as best you can, and keep the garage tidy
  • elevator opposite the door
    Solution: if you are unlucky enough to live on the 12th floor opposite the elevator door, you have to deal with the fact that you do not draw a lot of calm positive energy through the front door. Hang a carillon or crystal ball in the hall to harmonize incoming energy, buy healthy plants, and if you have a nice view from the window, you can place a mirror on the wall opposite the window (not directly opposite) to invite energy at least through the windows. Try to recharge elsewhere than at home - spend as much time as possible in nature, set up a workplace according to Feng Shui, create a pleasant corner by the window at home, focus more on the right lifestyle, simply take into account that you will need to put more energy into everything .

Entrance door

Let's take a closer look at your front door - what conditions should they meet?

  • Above all, they should be fully operational. If they squeak or stall, the handle falls off, the paint peels off or something similar, have them repaired immediately. Sticky or otherwise problematic opening doors will evoke negative emotions as soon as they arrive, and could cause you problems and obstacles in your way of life.
  • They should be able to open to at least 90 degrees. If something behind the door prevents it from opening completely, remove it or move it elsewhere.
  • The door should be clearly marked with a number and your name so that the energy can easily find you. If for some reason you don't want to have a name tag on the door, try to personalize it in another way - use your favorite symbol, color, choose a nice mat, bring out your child's creation, etc.
  • The front door should be full to provide adequate protection. If you have glazing, it is better to place a milk glass or at least a curtain, or place a mandala or other protective symbol in the center of the glass. There will also be a drawing, a wreath with a seasonal theme - Christmas, Easter, straw, autumn fruits and the like. You can also place symbolic "guards" next to the door, e.g. flowers.
  • The front door should contain all 5 elements - water, wood, fire, ground and metal. You can work with shape, material or colors. For example, the shape of the door itself belongs to the element wood, if you have lighting near the door, the element represents fire. The mats are mostly rectangular in shape and represent the ground, if it is black, you are also represented by water. The handle and the label with the label tend to be metal. You can play with colors and shapes so that you like your front door, make a harmonious impression and entice you to enter.

You can also choose the color of the door according to the world direction from which you enter the house, so if you have an entrance from the south, you can paint them red, east and southeast are the most suitable wooden, etc.

Entrance door with the predominant element of fire
Entrance door with the predominant element of metal
Entrance door with predominant wood element


As important as looking out the door is looking down. What will you see first when you enter? How does it affect you? Let's look at a few rules that a good vestibule should follow:

  • The vestibule should be bright and spacious enough. If not, you can help yourself with a mirror. Caution - never directly in front of the front door! You would bounce the incoming energy out. It is much better to place a mirror next to the door, where it will provide protection from external influences, or where it will provide a good service for leaving the house. If you want to place more mirrors, be careful not to place them directly opposite each other! You can also use light furniture or paint the walls light and provide good lighting.
  • Order should be a matter of course. If you are greeted by scattered shoes, ready trash, etc. immediately after opening the door, it probably won't set you in a harmonious way. Shoes and handbags belong in the closet, reserve the place where they will be cleaned and hand in hand, pay enough attention to the hall equipment (and it doesn't necessarily mean a lot of money - involve your creativity :-))
  • From the front door should not be visible to the bathroom or toilet. Energy leaves these rooms. If you enter these rooms directly from the hall, stick a mirror on the outside door of the toilet. However, if it is directly opposite the entrance (or the mirror does not suit you), you can use at least a shiny metal plate or hang a crystal ball between the entrance and the bathroom door (today, lamps with hanging decorative crystals are also available)
  • Neither the rear exit should be visible from the entrance, nor should there be a window directly opposite the front door. If there is enough space between the entrance and the exit, try to cover the view with a large plant, screen or cabinet, you can put a curtain on the window and flowers on the windowsill. If for some reason you can't use any of this, proceed as in the case of the toilet - hang a crystal ball in the hall, which will slow down and dissipate the incoming energy and prevent it from coming out immediately through the opposite opening.

So how did the inspection of your front door turn out? If you have modified and supplemented the entrance to your house or apartment, you can move to the next pillar, and that is the bed.

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