Lesson 8

We spend 6-8 hours a day in bed. If you go to work, the bedroom is the place where you spend the most time in your home, so it also has the biggest impact on you. We are vulnerable in sleep, we need a sense of security, a pleasant environment.

How we sleep affects our mood, our feelings, has a direct impact not only on our health, but also indirectly on our relationships with loved ones, as well as on our performance at work, which in turn is related to our financial situation.

Don´t you believe it?

Try to imagine waking up early every day, fresh and fresh. It is then easier for you to fulfill your work tasks, the employer is satisfied with you and evaluates you appropriately financially, you are satisfied with yourself, you have fun with your partner in a relaxed way and with a smile ...

And what would your days look like if you woke up asleep because you couldn't sleep late into the night, or despite a long sleep, you feel like you're without energy? You have to force yourself to work, you are not very successful, your employer shows you your dissatisfaction, you are stressed about it, you are not in the mood for a partner and you are grumpy ... if this situation persists for longer, you may lose your job even about a partner, health problems can also be associated.

The reason does not have to be pitch, but an improperly located or furnished bedroom or a geopathogenic zone under the bed. Thus, indirectly, our housing and the environment in which we live affect our lives in various areas.

How to organize a bedroom for quality sleep?

  • place the bed in a position of strength. This means that you have a solid wall behind your head, and the bed is placed diagonally opposite the door as far away from them as possible so that you have a good view of them. Do not place the bed under a window or between a door and a window. Also, the position directly opposite the door is not suitable.
  • leave enough space next to the bed for convenient access. A bruised shin or puncture next to a wall will not put you in a good night's sleep, and also a subconsciously limited space can affect the creation of restrictions in an area of your life.
  • do not place cabinets or shelves above the bed (definitely not as in the picture!). They create pressure above the head and a subconscious feeling of danger. For the same reason, a high closet next to the bed (in place of the bedside table) is not suitable either.
  • if you are hanging a picture over the bed, choose very carefully. What is displayed there will seem to program you, in some form will be reflected in your life
  • the colors you use in the bedroom are also important. In general, calm earthy colors are suitable, or you can use colors according to the element that belongs to the world direction in which your bedroom is located. If you want to bring more passion into the relationship, you can also use red or purple, but use these colors in moderation - only for accessories, if on the wall - so on one, if on textiles - not on all and so on.
  • do not place a large mirror reflecting the bed in the bedroom. If you need to have a mirror in this room, it is more conveniently located on the inside of the cupboard door, or above the dressing table next to the bed.
  • The bathroom does not belong in the bedroom! Nowadays, it is modern to place a bathroom corner or even a bathtub in larger bedrooms. It may seem practical and effective, but it draws energy away from the room where you need it most. Separate the bathroom from the bedroom by a partition, and leave the door closed.

Principles of choosing a bed

  • The best is wooden with as few metal parts as possible. It should have a firm forehead, ideally rounded edges.
  • They are more suitable that have legs, so that energy can flow even under the bed. If, for practical reasons, you have a bed with storage space, you only store sleeping items there. Never store clutter under the bed, it creates stagnation and disturbs sleep! (I know that for small homeowners, this advice may sound difficult to implement, there is never enough storage space. In that case, I would recommend ventilating the closets and wondering if you really need all the things that fall out on you).
  • do not use spring mattresses, they are more suitable layered with the largest possible proportion of natural materials. Mattresses on the bed should be changed every 7 years, but be sure to change them when changing partners (then it is best to change the whole bed)
  • bedside tables should not be higher than the bed. Ideally, they are the same to make the bed look symmetrical.

The bedroom is really important, so read all the recommendations carefully. If you are already sleeping well, you can move on to the third pillar. It is the kitchen, or rather its most important part - the stove.

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