The stove is considered to be the third pillar of feng shui. Why? The kitchen prepares food that supplies us with energy. Our health and, indirectly, our whole life depend on how much energy we have and how good we are. Symbolically, the state of the stove reflects our finances.

The kitchen is therefore very important (provided you sometimes cook and do not just use it to pour morning coffee and heat something in the microwave :-)).

Today, however, a separate hob and oven are used much more often than a stove. We will therefore take into account the appliance that you use more often, which in the vast majority is a hob.

Basic rules for selecting and placing a hob

  • The best way to prepare food is fire. It is ideal of wood, but since few people would be willing to cook on an open fire today, a gas hob is the most suitable of the current options, electric and induction hobs are less suitable (although practical).
  • The hob should always be fully functional - all burners should work, and it is good to use them all alternately. If any part of the hob is damaged or malfunctioning, have it repaired as soon as possible. It is also important to keep it clean, maintaining order is important throughout the kitchen.
  • The hob should be positioned so that the chef has a view of the kitchen entrance when preparing food. If you are facing back to the entrance when cooking, place a mirror surface behind the hob (a mirror would be impractical, polished stainless steel or lacquered glass will be used). But it should not be directly opposite the entrance.
  • It is better to have a solid wall behind the hob, which symbolically provides support. If you currently have such a popular island kitchen solution, place at least a raised counter behind the hob
  • Directly opposite the stove, there should be no sink or refrigerator, there would be a conflict between two opposing elements - fire and water. It is not a good idea to place them right next to each other. If you have it this way, try to place a wood element between them - a green rug, a pot with herbs, wooden kitchen utensils and the like.

If you are dealing with the layout of the kitchen, it pays to turn to an expert or study the basics of the right layout. This can save you a lot of energy. The difference is whether you move efficiently in the kitchen or you run unnecessarily due to an improperly laid out kitchen triangle.

However, our health and prosperity is not only affected by the kitchen equipment itself, but also by the way we approach food preparation. It is important what you think about when cooking, with what attitude you approach to cooking. Whether you are happy to prepare lunch for your family and you are happy when they like it, or cooking is just another annoying duty for you, and when you watch the family having lunch, you can already see that dirty dish of a pile of dishes in the sink.

Therefore, try to furnish your kitchen so that you feel good in it, and place nice little things that will make you happy when your eyesight, pictures and the like rest on you (of course, not at the expense of practical operation). Choose nice accessories and quality kitchen utensils to make your work in the kitchen more enjoyable.

If you manage to apply instructions and inspirations in your home, you will feel more harmony, you will be able to relax and relax better at home after a hard day at work, communication within the family will improve. How to bring more harmony to your whole life?

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