Discover multiple sources of energy you can tap into, create a fuel source that allows you to reach your goals much faster, and THRIVE in your business and life 

Hosted by Slavomira Harcegova, Feng shui practitioner and Transformational Leader 

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Our speakers

Slavomira Harcegova

Harmony Designer, Host of the Summit

Michael Stone

Founder of The Well of Light

Mary Alice Arthur

Story activist

Regina Robinson

Inner Confidence Strategist

Melissa Ternes

Wealth & Money Coach

Kaluwa Ghalikar

Empowerment Coach

Yehuda Tagar

Psychophonetics counsellor

Jennifer Lyall

Intuitive Business Mentor

Pamela French

Empowerment is Everything!

Claire Boscq

The BizShui™ Creator

Julia Felton

Founder & Business Wrangler

Nicole Strychaz

The Writing Medium

Deborah Brodey

Transformation Guide

Ayrton Giulio Gonnelli

Next-Level Embodiment Coach

Tamar Nelson

Operational Resilience Specialist

Maria Heart Song

Heart Song Alchemist

Debs Elizabeth de Vries

Women's MidLife Mentor

Erika Maizi

Visionary Artist

Carolina Grace

Chief Heart-led Navigator

Deborah Claire Procter

Communications Coach & Artist

Marie Mason

Podcast Consultant

Mark Hunter

WordPress Web Developer

Athena Melchizedek

Transformation Facilitator

Sofia Mona Lisa

Alchemical Creation High Priestess