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We´ve started on July 12th but don´t worry, you didn´t miss that yet 🙂


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  • Create a Space for Expanded You (worth $300)
    Private 45-min long session where you´ll get an insight on how to create a space for your expansion in your home so you can get energetic support every day by growing into this upgraded version of Yourself 
  • Online course Home Harmony Secret (worth $150)
    Bring more harmony and vital energy into your home so you can feel more vitality and recharge you batery every day using basic Feng Shui principles.
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Host of the summit

Slavomira Harcegova

I´m a Feng Shui practitioner and Harmony Designer.

I´m helping people to create harmony and positive energy flow in their homes so they can get energetic support by reaching their goals and making their dreams come true.