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Kay  Newton

Kay is an award winning international speaker, enthusiastic author, blogger and a Midlife Strategist. She helps women to create a powerful personalised plan using the ‘midlife table’ tool kit created from over 20 years of experience, that guarantees to guide them to ‘Address-Account-Adjust’ and get their Midlife Mojo back on track. 

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Andrea Theisz

Andrea is helping ambitious women with entrepreneurial spirits to create the life they cannot resist. She shares her adventurous story to the life she loves and also shares useful tips how to listen to your Soul and to find your purpose in life, and how to follow your passion and to give yourself a permission to live fully. 

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Michael  Stone

Michael Stone as a spiritual teacher and a shamanic practitioner is talking about how we can return to our wholeness unraveling our Story, how we can release suppressed emotions that are taking a lot of our energy and creating a lot of stress, and how we can become the creators of our life and co-create consciously the better world together :-)

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Tonja Mills

As a Holistic Therapist, her driving passion is helping people live their most fulfilling, empowered, and thrilling life possible. She´s a certified RTT Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, a trained Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, life coach and creator of the ‘Soul Mapping’ TM practice. 

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Dr. Nicol  Gruel

All we were born to be awesome, to live an amazing and joyful life, to shine and be fully ourselves. By growing up we often forget it and become lost and disconnected from our purpose and our mission. Dr. Nicole Gruel helps you to recall to this natural right of BEING YOU and living your full potential :-)

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Lovelda  Vincenzi

Do you have an inspirational story you´d like to share? How to spread your message into the world the way people would listen to you?

Listen to Lovelda Vincenzi and you´ll understand that speaking skills are not only for speakers :-)

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Sophy  Amir

Massage therapist and aqua therapist Sophy Amir uses essential oils DoTerra not only for massages. She gives you some very practical advices on how you can use essential oils also for building your immunity and improving your emotional balance as well.

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Daria  Ates

Daria Ates is talking about how she was “sentenced” to battle an incurable autoimmune disease for the rest of her life and the unlikely discovery she made that helped her reverse the symptoms of the disease.

What can you take from Daria´s experiences to improve your life?

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Viktoriya  Gilbey

If you are in a challenging period of your life, you can feel a lot of stress, anxiety, fear or even pain. How to manage your negative emotions positive way? How to lower your stress level and be constructive instead of destructive?

Viktoriya Gilbey, the Coach for Mompreneurs, gives you some practical tools and useful tips :-)

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Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D

One of the world’s foremost experts on the deep imagination. For over 30 years, he has taught people how to access their wholeness through developing a relationship with their deep imagination. Steve discovered and developed the Personal Totem Pole Process© as a way of meeting the inner animals and beings of the deep imagination.

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Martin  Heiduk  about 10 areas of happiness

What areas of happiness do we know? How would you score yourself in every area? What to do to improve your level of happiness in your life? Listen to the second part of the interview with Martin Heiduk - the Happiness strategist :-)

Download  .pdf document with all 10 areas of happiness and score yourself :-)

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Martin  Heiduk  about  happiness

Do you expect that happiness just appears one day when you achieve all your goals? Or is it possible to focus on being happy right now? How would it influence your everyday life if this would be possible? Martin Heiduk as the Happiness strategist talks about various kinds of happiness and how to be happy right now 

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Alden  Clamor

Did you hear about The Law of Attraction? And does it work for you? What obstacles you have to face by applying it and how to overcome them?

Alden will explain how you can get what you want and have a lot of fun by receiving it :-)

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