Slavomira  Harcegova

Feng Shui practitioner and Harmony Designer


I help women to expand and grow into their full potential and create a physical space for their expantion in their home .

I´m using my Feng Shui expertise by helping them create a supportive and harmonious space so they can get energetic support in growing into the upgraded version of themself. I empower women, through re-organizing their home I´m helping them to organize also their inner world, so they can create the most amazing life

My  services

How can I help you

Energy Audit

Detect an "energy health" of your space, discover how to improve the energy flow, and increase your own energy level

Feng Shui consultation

Create a positive energy flow in your home so you can re-charge your battery and improve your life. Get more harmony and vital energy using basic Feng Shui principles.

Personal Guidance

Let your home support you on your transformational journey and create a space for your expansion so you can get energetic support by growing into upgraded version of Yourself


What my clients say about working with me:

I had a feng shui session with Slavomira about how to set up my office space. She gave me interesting suggestions around the spatial feng shui orientation, the desk, and materials I could use. Slavomira is very attentive and uses feng shui principles as a way to support you in your daily activities.
Marina SciarrinoMarketing & Mindset Coach,
I thoroughly enjoyed having a session with Slavomira and hearing her amazing insights and wisdom regarding the feng shui in my working space. Slavomira was very patient and calm as she viewed my office space and gave me some hints, tips and tools in which to make the energy flow better and generally be more in alignment with the work that I do and the space that I wish to create. Slavomira gave me some direct guidance on how to improve the flow in my office. I of course did everything that she suggested and have since enjoyed a huge change in my business! Literally the day after I changed everything in my room around I signed two new clients and I have continued to be on that expansive abundant roll ever since! I am sure that Slavomira’s expertise and wisdom helped me hugely to not only transform the energy in my study but also my business and my abundance. I cannot recommend Slavomira highly enough. She is gentle, insightful and very calm. Slavomira is also incredibly gifted in the healing realms as well as very knowledgeable around energy and feng shui. Book yourself a session, it could be the very best thing that you do for your life, your business your family… Everything! ⭐️
Tonja MillsSpiritual and Intuitive Business Coach,

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