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6.12. 2023

Do you know your purpose?

While I was in London visiting my oldest daughter we had a long conversation about our purpose in life. Just competing 30, she wondered how to recognize the right direction in her life. I understood her very well. I was there, feeling lost and unfulfilled, trying to find some higher meaning in my life, in desperate search of my...

limiting beliefs
1.12. 2023

Your limiting beliefs can stop you from living your full potential!

The tricky thing about limiting beliefs is that you DON´T KNOW it´s just your belief. You can see something as a reality and don´t question if it´s true or if it´s just your limited perspective on the situation. Sometimes, you reveal the truth only in confrontation with others. And maybe the sudden realization can hit you...

7.11. 2023

The Soul guidance in its clearest form!

You won´t believe what happened to me! And I don´t blame you, I wouldn´t believe either if someone tried to tell me the story like this 😀 The Soul Guidance showed up in the form you just can´t ignore or satirize! The weirdest story ever It´s almost 2 am in the morning. I´m lying in bed in...

18.3. 2023

3 BIG mistakes by creating a Vision Board

If you’re considering creating a Vision Board that will help you manifest your dreams, don’t spoil your chances by making one of these mistakes: You can watch this video or read the article below, just chose what works better for you 😉 #1: Disproportionate focus when setting up your goals If you´re struggling in one...

4.1. 2023

Do what brings you joy…

Do what brings you joy, bring joy to what you do I decided to make this my motto in August last year. In the first half of 2022, I was focused on organizing and hosting an online summit and it required a lot of learning, discipline, responsibility, and effort so I felt I need to reclaim my energy by...

2.1. 2023

Time to get back to The High Energy Me again!

I´m a sugarholic, now it´s legit. Many years ago, when I was changing my eating habits step by step to gain more energy and vitality, sweets were my final crime against my super-healthy lifestyle. Since I looked good and felt great, for a long time I didn´t feel the necessity to change that. I made a few attempts to avoid sweets for...

1.1. 2023

The beginning of the Magical Year

There is something magical in every beginning. As if standing in front of the door wondering what´s behind them. I love this feeling – this mix of curiosity, excitement, hope, and expectations. Today is the first day of 2023 and I´m so excited about this beginning! I decided to make this year an exceptional one -I´m going...

18.4. 2022

How to create the reality you want to live in?

Learn how to create a completely different reality for yourself, and how to change the world by using this skill daily :-)

15.4. 2022

How to change your life using the power of this simple ritual

Do you need an extra impulse to reach your goals faster and make your dream come true? This powerful ritual could be a really useful tool for manifesting your desired reality. I´ll show you how to support energetically your intention and how to put more energy into manifesting your vision, to reach your goals faster and...

18.2. 2021

How to spend the first 12 days after your Birthday?

The first twelve days after your birthday is the most important time of the year for you. In these days begins a symbolic countdown for the entire following year. You have a great opportunity to create the appropriate program of desired events and successes and so to influence your future destiny. Each of these twelve days corresponds...