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At the beginning of the last year, I got a crazy idea. Feeling tired and almost burned out after a previous intense and business-oriented year, I knew I had to change my strategy. I wanted to experience more joy and ease in my life. I wanted to release the pressure of “running a serious business” and stop trying to prove myself by reaching some financial “results”. I didn´t need that anyway, I could even decide to “retire” and stop doing anything. But that´s not me. There´s no fulfillment in that, I need to do something meaningful. So what can I do? And then I got this great idea!

What if I´ll just do what I love and skip the money-making part? What if I´ll walk my talk and follow joy in all my choices?

The Big Life Experiment

I decided to experiment and find an answer to this interesting question:

Is that possible to approach life as a fun game? Is that possible to live with more joy and ease, just play and have a lot of fun?

And what an amazing experiment it was! Although it didn´t go as expected 😀 I was just curious without any specific goal as a result but OF COURSE, I expected it´d be joyful and easy and I´d have a lot of fun. Because that was the point, wasn´t it? And I also wanted to share my journey. To write a blog, send emails, and maybe even record videos. This also was supposed to be easy. I didn´t plan to “work” so I should have enough time for doing that, right? Ha-ha-ha!

But I´m not complaining, it definitely was a very beautiful magical joyful year and I grew immensely. By trying to follow joy I understood better who I am and who I´m not. Now I know what I want and what I don´t want. And I don´t care so much about the expectations of others. I know my strengths and accept my weaknesses (although we all are perfect as we are and the “weakness” is always related to something, there´s nothing wrong with any quality or lack of the quality itself).

Did I find the answer I was looking for?

First of all, I realized I asked an incorrect question. “Is that possible to approach life as a fun game?” The short and simple answer would be “Yes, it IS possible”. Because it´s your life and it´s totally up to you how you want to approach it at any moment. But is that possible FOR ME to KEEP that mindset all the time and BECOME playful on default? Nope, not YET. This was the biggest obstacle for me. Regardless of all ideal external circumstances, the autopilot in my subconscious mind pushed me into the old patterns. Throughout the year, I caught myself experiencing (quite unnecessary and illogically) a whole variety of negative emotions.

So while on my FB profile it could look like I´m joyful and playful enough already, my journal tells a little bit different story (and I´m glad I found time to go through my notes because I almost forgot how tough it was for me and how many challenges I faced throughout the year). So the question is not if this is possible but HOW can I BECOME that person.


What about more joy and ease?

“Is that possible to live with more joy and ease, just play and have a lot of fun?” To the first part of the sentence: more than what? Or who? There are big cultural differences and societal expectations about how much joy and ease you should experience in life, and they also vary individually. I´m addressing the culture I grew up in and our societal agreement that “life is hard” (and a lot of other statements I used to believe which led me to a very dark and unhappy phase of my life). 

But in general, anyone can live with MORE joy and ease as they live right now because there are so many layers to experiencing joy and ease. The question (again) is only HOW can you do that (and for today, I leave aside the part about “just play and have a lot of fun” because here my answer is more philosophical and quite long. I´ll get to that later). I decided to look at everything I learned so far and make some adjustments to my question.

What´s my experiment for this year? 

A few years ago I created a 12-month transformational program. Under my guidance, my clients were getting incredible results. But… I was so focused on my clients that I forgot to follow my own teaching! This year I´m going to flip that. I´m going to focus on MY progress. I´ll do everything I teach. I´m going to transform my own life. And I´m going also to build a support system for myself so I don´t forget to walk my talk.

I´m still in the envisioning phase so I don´t know yet how exactly I´ll do that but I already have a few friends that´ll walk with me. Do you want to join us? Click the button below and I´ll let you know as soon as I have more details (so far, I´m downloading” info and checking some technical options :-))

Do you want at least to see how´s that going? This year I´m committed to sharing my journey. Get on my email list (click on the link above) and you´ll get behind-the-scenes info every week 😉 This year, I´m committed to becoming The Joyful Creator. I´m inviting you to join me on this journey 🙂