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While I was in London visiting my oldest daughter we had a long conversation about our purpose in life. She’s just turned 30, and she wondered how to recognize the right direction in her life. I understood her very well. I´ve been there, feeling lost and unfulfilled, trying to find some higher meaning in my life, in desperate search of my purpose and my mission here on the planet. I shared with her what I´ve discovered so far. It was a long journey with many highs and lows but now I´m very clear about what I´m here to do.

My purpose

I feel my purpose is to live my best life, reach my fullest potential, and share my Journey so I can inspire others to do the same. This is how I can bring my highest vibrations to the collective, to Mother Earth, and bring as much Light as I can to us as humans. I can do this by doing what brings me joy, following my Soul´s guidance, and sharing the Journey in any possible way. My life is so much happier since I found out it could be as simple as that! 🙂


I hoped this could inspire my daughter but her answer surprised me: “But can´t you see how privileged you are? You can do whatever you want because you have enough money and time. You are so free but not everyone is in such an ideal situation! People have 9-5 jobs, they struggle with money, they just don´t have the freedom you have. You can´t be an inspiration by doing what you´re doing – just traveling and playing around and having fun. Most people can´t afford to do that.” And I understood what she meant – SHE can´t afford that. At least this is what she believes and I know it doesn´t make sense to object. I know where she´d gotten this limiting belief (and I remember very well how that felt). We skipped the topic and talked about something else.

The big revelation

We went on with our discussion until maybe 1 am. As I was lying in bed later in the night one sentence from our conversation stuck with me: “You are so privileged”. Is that true? Yes, it is. My current life is pretty amazing. I wondered: what if instead of inspiring people with my joyful lifestyle I make them frustrated? What if they also think I´m privileged and hate me for bragging about how joyful and free I am? I almost started to doubt myself but then I got a big insight:

I haven’t always had this kind of freedom

I wasn´t born “privileged”. I´ve been there as well, struggling with money, trapped in an abusive marriage, depressed and disappointed. I felt unworthy and useless, just a victim of the unhappy circumstances in my unhappy life.

But then, in the darkest moment in my life, I realized this is not the role model I want to show to my daughters. This is not the life I want to see them live after they grow up. My heart would break if I saw them suffer as I did at that time. I knew I had to change that – I had to find a way out of this misery. My current purpose grew from this moment, and I embarked on the Journey to creating the life I would love to see my daughters live.

I wanted to see them joyful and happy, independent and free, I wanted them to live in a loving relationship with a respectful and supportive partner

The exact opposite of how I was living at that time.

This is the story I want to share!

I felt like another piece of the puzzle of my purpose fell into place. So far, I just felt an urgency to share my little stories and insights so I can inspire people on their personal and spiritual growth journey. I was even thinking about writing a book at some point in the future. Only, I procrastinated for a few years because I still didn´t know where to start and how to frame it. Now I´ve got the first chapter!

I knew I had to take note immediately. Regardless of how profound the revelation is, I could lose that in the next moment (and wait who knows how long until it pops up again in my mind). I didn´t want to get out of bed and search for my journal so I decided to repeat the sentence and create some memory hook. “I´m privileged, this is the first thing that´ll come to my mind in the morning, I´m privileged…”

The Sign

And then… the weirdest thing happened! Out of a sudden, in the middle of the night and without any external cause, one book literally jumped off the shelf and fell on my head! As I opened it I knew immediately this was the perfect answer to all my questions! In my hands, I was holding the same kind of book I wanted to write myself. Finally, I found a way to complete my mission and fulfill my purpose! I can do exactly the same thing the author of this book did 🙂

There´s no reason to procrastinate anymore. The time is NOW, today is The DAY! So here I am, writing the first chapter of my book 🙂

I´m ready to surrender and let the Universe´s intention be expressed through me 🙂

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