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You won´t believe what happened to me! And I don´t blame you, I wouldn´t believe either if someone tried to tell me the story like this 😀 The Soul Guidance showed up in the form you just can´t ignore or satirize!

The weirdest story ever

It´s almost 2 am in the morning. I´m lying in bed in my daughter´s room in London and reflecting on the long conversation we´ve just had. One sentence is coming to me again and again. There is something on that, I just don´t know what it is… And in the next moment – I KNOW! Yes, that´s it! The insight is so profound! I have to remember that so I can write a blog article or record a video about that tomorrow! But how can I assure I´ll keep the idea until morning??

I´m too tired to get out of bed and write that down in my journal. I don´t want to record that on my phone because I don´t want to talk aloud in the middle of the night, the walls are too thin here. My solution is to repeat the sentence over and over and make a “memory hook” so this is going to be my first idea after I wake up.

I´m repeating and repeating until the weirdest thing in the world happens! Something fell down on my head with a loud rumor! In the middle of the night, without any external impulse. I didn´t move, the window is closed, no one is outside of the room, no car driving on the street (and the window is to the backyard anyway). What´s that???

I´m turning on the light to check the situation. It´s the picture from the wall that was hanging peacefully above my head. And I remember there was some sound even near the bed so I´m checking my surroundings. Yes, there´s a book that fell down from the shelf (like – book just jumping out of the shelf, wtf???).


I can´t imagine a clearer sign!

I´m looking at the book and can´t believe my eyes. Journey to the Heart. Yesterday I checked some books on shelves in an attempt to find something I could read before going to bed but I didn´t see this one before. Actually, my daughter doesn´t keep this kind of books. I found a lot of reading about art or artists, some novels here and there but none of the personal development or even spirituality. What is the chance that (especially this) book just jumps out of the shelf in the middle of the night?

So I´m opening the book on a random page and am stunned again because this is what I read:

You will have all the guidance, energy, ideas, creativity, power, and ability you need to do all you´re meant to do and you will be given the power to enjoy it

Wow! What a message is this! Exactly what I need to hear right now! And even in the morning as I´m reading the book from the beginning I can see that this is exactly the kind of book I´m trying to write (without any visible success YET) in the last few years. The structure, the form, the message – yes, this is what I´m trying to create, this is something very similar to what is trying to emerge through me as well!

The old vs. the new mindset

At this moment, my old Me would freak out: “Someone has already overtaken me in writing this book so it doesn´t make sense to try anymore. I hesitated for too long and now it´s done by someone else and I didn´t fulfill my purpose. I failed on my mission, I missed my opportunity and now it´s too late!”

The new Me gets excited: “Oh my goodness, now I have an example of how this is possible! And I have also proof this is actually desirable in the world! If she could do that so can I! This is the big Sign to me, this is the Soul Guidance! Thank you, Universe, for making this impossible event happen so I can understand my way and get started finally!”

If the Soul Guidance shows up you have to follow

Ok, Universe, got it: it´s time to start. NOW. No excuses. Ready or not, today is the day 🙂 I´m going to share my Story, page by page, sentence by sentence, maybe even word by word. Surrender, trust divine timing, trust the Story that wants to express itself through me. I feel honored, I feel grateful, I feel a sense of meaning in my life. My purpose, my mission is just to let the Story unfold through me, let it be lived and told by me. I´m here, listening to the Universe, awaiting the new exciting (and a little bit scary) adventure 🙂


And I´m inviting you to embark on that Journey with me 🙂

Because you also have a purpose. Your life has a meaning. Now I know how to understand what it is for you. The simplest advice is “Just follow Joy”. But sometimes (I´m sure you already discovered that too) the simplest things are not the easiest ones 😀

How does Soul Guidance show up in your life? Let me know in the comments below 😉