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Today is Valentine’s Day when many of us will show love with various gifts. Are there other ways to stir up passion and ignite feelings? Definitely yes, and you have them right under your nose. Specifically in your bedroom ๐Ÿ™‚

How to arrange a bedroom for supporting a fulfilled and loving relationship?

First of all, the bedroom should only serve what it is primarily intended for – sleeping and developing intimacy. No TV, no computer, no stationary bike, or a storehouse of things not to be seen!

The basic element of every bedroom is the bed. The best is a wooden one with as few metal parts as possible. It should have a firm forehead, ideally rounded edges. More suitable are those that have legs so that energy can flow under the bed. If you have a bed with storage space for practical reasons, you only store things related to sleeping there. Never store clutter under the bed, in addition to creating stagnation and disturbing sleep, it could also disrupt the relationship!

Mattresses on the bed should be changed every 7 years, but be sure to change them when changing partners (then it is best to change the whole bed). The mattress on the double bed should be also double one, if you have two separated matrasses, connect them at least symbolically with a red ribbon from below.

Place the bed in a position of strength. This means that you have a solid wall behind your head, and the bed is placed diagonally opposite the door as far away from them as possible so that you have a good view of them. Do not place the bed under a window or between a door and a window. Also, the position directly opposite the door is not suitable.

The bedside tables next to the bed should be the same so that the bed looks symmetrical. Leave enough space next to the bed on both sides for convenient access. The bed by the wall disadvantages the partner who has to climb on his side and thus causes an unequal relationship.

Hang a partner photo over the bed. Choose one in which you both look happy, hold hands, embrace or otherwise show mutual connection and love. If you don’t have one, take a picture. A wedding photo is very good for the married couple.

Be very careful what pictures you have in the bedroom – it’s a partnership space, so photos of children or family have nothing to do here. Also, check the symbology of all paintings you have in the bedroom. Isn’t there a lone figure on them, don’t male or female symbols predominate? Replace or supplement them to create balance, single-sex predominance, or a lone figure can cause partner problems or imbalances and dominance of one of the partners.

Colors for more passion

If you want to bring more passion into the relationship, you can use red or purple in the bedroom. However, use them in moderation, as they are energizing and if used in larger quantities, they could disrupt sleep. Red is more suitable for accessories such as pillows, curtains and textiles, or candles, heart decorations, and the like. If you would like to have a wall in this color, choose a maximum of one, try to follow your feelings.

Also, use the symbolism of the couple and place decorations in pairs in the bedroom. You can use the Chinese symbol for a faithful partnership – a pair of Mandarin ducks but swans or doves are also known as a symbol of loyalty so you can use them as well. The pair symbols will be most effective by using them in the southwestern part of the bedroom.

Do not place a large mirror reflecting the bed in the bedroom. If you need to have a mirror in this room, it is more conveniently located on the inside of the wardrobe door, or above the dressing table next to the bed.

If you are currently without a partner and would like to find your soulmate, it is important to create a place for him symbolically – use only one part of the bed, leave space in the closet for his things, reserve a shelf in the bathroom and so on.

I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day ๐Ÿ™‚