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Do you need an extra impulse to reach your goals faster and make your dream come true? This powerful ritual could be a really useful tool for manifesting your desired reality. I´ll show you how to support energetically your intention and how to put more energy into manifesting your vision, to reach your goals faster and with more ease.

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The power of a ritual

If you want to change something in your life, to draw symbolically a line behind your past, to get rid of some bad habit, or if you want to start a new project or to manifest something special into your life – you can use an “energetic support” of a ritual. I´m not talking about some secret shamanic practice or kind of complicated woo-woo ceremony. This one is quite simple yet really powerful.

The two levels of a ritual

At first, you need to understand 2 levels of a ritual – the physical (material) level and then the energetical level. The physical one is the visible part of a ritual – the tools you choose and how you´ll use them, what kind of real action you´ll take. The energetical level is more important, it´s about your inner state while doing it. What´s your intention, how realistic and colorful is your vision, what kind of emotions do you feel, if you do believe it´s possible to achieve it.

How to make a ritual

Get a candle, a piece of paper, and a pen. Find a quiet and cozy place with no distractions. Lit a candle and start to tune into your vision. What would you like to achieve? What are you expecting to happen? How will your life look like after this change you desire? How will you feel once your vision achieved? 

If you feel fully tuned in, take a pen, and write down what do you want to achieve. Write a definition of your goal, a statement about your desired future. Important is to formulate the statement positively and in the present. Instead of “I will stop smoking” write “I´m healthy and free of any addiction”, or instead of “I´ll start a business” write “I am a successful entrepreneur”. Use the form “I am”, as if that were already true. If you´re satisfied with your statement, now you have more possibilities for what to do with it. 

Burn it

My favorite one is to burn it (of course, be careful and watch out for the fire). Especially if you want to release something, you can burn this paper and visualize how the old habit or anything you want to get rid of is just burning too. Watch the ash fall and imagine how this old load is dropping from your shoulders and is disappearing from your life.

If you desire something you couldn´t influence by yourself like finding your soulmate, you can send a silent prayer by observing an ascending smoke and visualize how this your wish is reaching higher levels, up to an angel´s or God’s ears. Imagine how your goal is reached, your dreamed future is now a reality, and feel deep gratitude in advance.

Make it become your affirmation

Another option is to keep the paper with a statement or definition as a reminder of your vision, your goal.  Put it in a visible place or keep it in your purse, you can even take a picture of it and set it as wallpaper on your phone. Every time you see it you can tune again in this energy, to remind yourself to focus on your goal instead of the obstacles. You can even create a short version of it and use it as an affirmation 🙂

You can do this ritual anytime you want to make some change in your life. Especially potent energy to support your intention you can get by doing it in the time of change in nature – Full Moon, New Moon, Solstice, or Equinox. There are even some subtle differences in the effect of a ritual at a special time. The Full Moon is better for releasing something, the New Moon is great if you want to start something new.

But don´t expect that some miracle will happen just by doing only this one ritual. Of course, as a next step, you´ll need to take action and lean fully into making your change a reality. With a ritual, you´ll get energetical support and this helps you to stay focused and more aware of your desired future so you can achieve your goals faster.

If you need it, repeat the ritual as many times as you need. Don´t be upset if you “fail” and you´ll fall into the old habit again, because you probably will. Take it as a part of the process. Change needs time. Just focus back on your goals again, make another ritual but never give up on your dreams. You deserve it, you have that power, YOU CAN live your dreams!

What would you like to change in your life? What do you want to achieve? Use the power of a ritual and let me know in the comments how dit it go 😉

I wish you good luck by creating your most amazing life 🙂