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Can we really create our reality or is that just a crazy woo-woo theory? 

Based on my own experience, I know we can create a reality. Only, it´s not the EXTERNAL reality we´re creating. In fact, how we PERCEIVE the world is what matters the most. But although I´m talking about that in my blog articles and teaching people in my courses how to do that, there are still situations where I can capture myself running on the old autopilot without acknowledging that there´s a shift in my point of view available, a different kind of reality I can choose 🙂 

A story about discovering how a pure matter of fact, the 100% truth, was only my way of perception

It was my turn to go and get supplies for our family for the next 2 days when all shops here will be closed because of Eastern. It was closed on Friday, and it was supposed to be closed also on Sunday and Monday, so you can imagine what it looked like in the shop on Saturday! I don´t like shopping, especially in the food stores, so this kind of situation was a BIG challenge for me.

I tried to prepare myself mentally, visualizing how I´m staying in my inner peace while in the store full of nervous people trying to grab their items and fighting others trying to do the same. Then I tried a different strategy – I decided to create a reality by imagining that while I´ll be in the store, there will not be so many people at all. It was hard to imagine and even harder to believe. “Maybe the early birds are already home and the lazy ones didn´t arrive yet” was my attempt to convince myself that there´s still some chance.

It didn´t look like I succeeded while trying to find a free spot in the completely full parking place. “Never mind, you can do that, just breathe, stay in your center…” I tried to encourage myself. And it went well, at least for the first 5 minutes. Then I started to feel less concentrated, a little bit tired, and I couldn´t imagine spending 20 more minutes going like this. 

And then I´ve got a saving idea!

I gave up on all this energetic hard work, put Bluetooth earphones in my ears, chose my Spotify Disco list on the phone, and turned the volume up to maximum. Immediately, I appeared in a completely different world, I created my own joyful and happy reality! I relaxed, and with a lunatic smile stamped on my face, I started to put items in my trolley, hardly resisting the temptation to sing and dance by listening to my favorite songs! Shopping like this wasn´t a challenge anymore, the opposite was true – it was even FUN!

But it wasn´t only my reality that did change…

But not even that – to my big surprise, instead of seeing the same crowd of nervous and frustrated people, I started to see just relaxed humans who peacefully, with loving care, were buying food for supplying their families.

What?? I always took as a matter of fact, an absolute truth, that people are nervous and frustrated (just like me) when they are supposed to spend time in a crowded store! I didn´t realize I was making assumptions, I was just observing the “reality” and stating the “truth” while in fact, I was projecting my own frustration on them.  

Regardless of all these many years spent on intentional attempts to grow spiritually and personally, I still have blind spots in perceiving reality. And I wonder – in how many other situations am I still running on autopilot? How many “truths” in my life need to be questioned

And what about “The Only Truth” the media are serving to us? 

What if we need to question even this? Yes, ESPECIALLY this! What would our (currently so wildly divided) world look like if we understood that everything is only a projection of our own inner world?

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

The only way how to change the world is inside out. It´s up to us, it´s up to you. You CAN create the reality you want to live in. Do you want to live in peace? Stop your inner war, stop seeing others as your enemies, and stop fighting them verbally or even in your thoughts. Try to understand what others are mirroring to you, and change that in you instead of trying to prove to others that they are wrong and need to change. Because if you don´t like what you see in the mirror, there´s only one way to change that 🙂