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These days you can find a lot of wise advice kind of “live in a present moment”, or “don´t worry about the future – everything happens for your highest benefit”, all this Ezo – staff. But do you really understand what does it mean? Do you know someone who really lives like this?

I do!

This is a story about how I met Marina – The traveler. She´s not a coach or spiritual teacher, and as we talked we never mentioned any wise advice about “how to live happily ever after”. But still, she´s a big inspiration for me and a real example of living in the moment 🙂

Stranger in a hostel room

I love traveling. I travel a lot. OK, maybe not as much as I would like, but still – I can always find an opportunity to travel somewhere. So when we were discussing who will go and pick up our new puppy from a village almost 500km away from our house, my hand was up almost instantly 😀 “I’ll go, no problem”

Our darling Kevin in one of his first photos 🙂

It was near Prague, so I decided to stay one night in Prague to be able to get the puppy in the morning (it´s better for a puppy, you know 😉 ). Normally I prefer to stay in a hotel room with a private bath, but this time I decided to overcome my unease with the possibility that someone would want to use the loo at the same time as me (oh, horrifying!) and went for a lower price in a hostel (one night I can surely survive).

I shared the room with a young girl from Ukraine. We talked a little, I enjoyed it, so as I was leaving the next morning (she was still sleeping), I left her a note with an invitation and my business card on the table.

This is a true story, look what she posted on FB that day 🙂

A few days after, I received an email from Marina (that´s the name of the girl) that she can stop by on her way home to Ukraine! We changed a few emails and here she was, sitting in my car as I was driving her from a railway station to our home. Was this a good idea? She´s a complete stranger to me, I know nothing about her… but now was too late to worry about potential danger 😀

“I am a traveler”

“Be careful, it´s really dark here” was my warning as she followed me up the stairs to our house, but as I turned back to her, I realized that she had already a torch in her hand. “No problem, I´m a traveler, I´m prepared for situations like this” was her answer at my surprised look.

“Would you need something? Towel, hairdryer or anything else?” I asked her while letting her in our guestroom. “Don’t worry about me, I´m a traveler, I already have everything I need”. I thought about all this stuff we are regularly carrying on to a one-week vacation. “The car can take it” is the motto of my husband 😀 . What if I could only take what I can carry on my back? What could I do without all these things that make my life safe and comfortable? And how would I choose what´s necessary to keep and what isn´t?

These three days with Marina turned out to be really joyful. Later on, we talked about her beginnings as a traveler. She confessed to me it was a big step over her comfort zone, she was worried about everything. “What if I miss the train? What if I lose something? What if I´ll need something I don´t own? What if someone will rob me, hurt me or even kill me?” But as she travels more and had to deal with a lot of unexpected situations, she realized that there will always be a solution, there´s always something to do. Now she just faces situations as they are coming.

On the road, you´ll never know what awaits you at your next station, you´ll never be prepared for everything. You just need to know what´s important to keep in a bag and what you can do without, and be always ready to improvise.

When she was leaving and I was driving her to the bus station, she had to re-coordinate her next drive by phone due to some unexpected changes. “Do you have some problem? Can I help you?” I started to ask, but she stopped me with a smile: “Don´t worry about me, I´m a traveler, I can manage anything”. Yes, she really walks her talk, she really is The Traveler!

This is Marina, The Traveler 🙂

But look, Life is a Journey!

You can live as a Traveler too! You can choose what you really need in your life and what you can release without regret. You can keep what´s really important and improvise if you´ll need something you don´t own instead of complaining about what you don´t have. You can forget all these “What if”´s and just trust yourself that you can manage anything. That´s the Art of Living 🙂

And what about you, would you like to live as a traveler too? Just join our community and you´ll get a lot of inspiration and useful tips on how to live more joyful and make your dreams come true, how to become a real Artist of Life 🙂