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The Universe communicates with us. There´s a path for us and there are signs. I´ll tell you a story of how I wanted to do what seems so “logical” to me and how the reality unfolded itself 😀

My Soul tried to guide me all my life regardless of my Ego. Now I can see it clearly backward but I wasn´t able to see it then because the Ego was stronger. I used to take the decisions in my life relying on what seemed to be “logical” and what someone else told me it´s the best for me. I didn´t listen to my inner voice, I didn´t believe my intuition.

Ten years ago, I realized that I´m completely disconnected from my Soul, I didn´t know who I am and what I want. I started my journey back to myself (long story). I bought many books and tried every possible therapy and coaching to get an alignment again, to find out who I really am. Last year I was in the coaching program where I finally developed a stronger and more stable connection with my Soul, my intuition, my inner guidance.

I started to understand where my Soul is trying to guide me, I started to see more clearly how my life could look like. And so this week something like “last test” came. I got an invitation to the platform, where I thought I could find everything I was looking for all the time – a community of people like me, support of coaches in every possible business area, technical support, you name it. Logically ideal solution 😀

Only… only that at the same time I had some revelations from my Soul about my vision and how can my mission look like. After more than one year of trying to understand what´s the best way to fulfill my purpose in an alignment with my calling I finally started to see a more tangible shape of how I can be the best version of me and how to serve the world the most natural and joyful way for me.

“What do you choose?” asked me the Universe with a malicious smile. Would I rely again on someone else or will I walk my own path? Would I try again to follow someone other´s “proven method” or will I be brave enough to go and create something new and unique, what is my Soul calling me to create?

I hesitated, I wanted to take “the right” decision. I scheduled a call with a friend who´s in there and hoped I´ll get excited about this new shiny possibility. In my mind, everything she was talking about seemed so seductive for me! And there was also 30 days money back guaranty so there´s no risk at all.

“Why not give it a try?” she asked me and my logical mind couldn´t find one reason. Only in my body, I started to feel growing stress. After one and a half hours of discussing how absolutely perfect it is, I felt completely done. I had even cancel my next program because I felt quite empty and absentminded. If I would listen to my body, I´d just politely thank my friend for the invitation and explain that this is not for me.

But my Ego didn´t intend to give up so easily and instead of accepting a clear and simple NO started to invent “logical” reasons for this weird reaction of my body. “It´s just a fear of success, I´m just scared to take this final step to impact millions and become rich”, won Mind over Body one more time.

The next day my Mind persuaded me not only to join but even to pay for all year in advance because of the discounted price. I opened a bank app and realized that I hadn´t enough money because of one payment charged by mistake the same day just a few hours before. Another sign. I started to hesitate.

But there was still a possibility to pay just for one month. “Why not just to have a look, there´s nothing to lose”, refused to capitulate my Ego. And so I did join the platform, made all that I was asked to do, and scheduled the first “discovery call”. For some odd reason, it wasn´t able to get connected. We checked everything and are going to try it again, but I started to be really suspicious.

“Please Universe give me a sign – if we wouldn´t be able to connect now, I´ll understand that this is not for me”, I asked for proof to be sure. After a few minutes, I got an email about rescheduling. Yesss! Suddenly I felt so free and excited with my body almost lightweight. Thank you, Body, thank you Universe, now it´s clear enough even to such a blind stubborn as me 😀

I´m going to listen to my Soul and to follow my inner guidance. Probably, I wouldn´t be successful and rich in next three month as promised by joining the platform. But I´ll be myself, good enough as I am, attracting people who resonate with the real Me 🙂