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Is the level of your life energy so down that you have to push yourself into doing even simple everyday tasks? Do you wonder why are you so tired when it seems that you didn´t accomplish so much from your never-ending everyday to-do list? Are you comparing yourself with “other women” who are just more successful and are achieving more goals and accomplishing more tasks? Are you blaming yourself for being lazy and not good enough? I hear you, and I know it sucks… But stop blaming yourself and take a closer look at your household instead!

Our living space influences the level of our life energy. And our energy is the key to reaching our life goals. Its amount is determining how we can deal with situations in our daily life. That is why it is very important to fix our living space so that it is helping us to scoop up as much energy as possible. This is the goal of feng shui. If you can increase the level of your life energy, you get better predispositions for creating your life as you would like to have it.

How and why is our living-space influencing us?

The state of our inner world is subconsciously expressed to the “outer world”. We are expressing our mood through our face and body posture. If we are full of energy, self-conscious, happy, you can see it from an upright body posture, energetic movements or the smile on your face.

If we are depressed, sad or unhappy the body language is completely different. Our body simply reacts automatically to our inner state. The change of mood induces the change of our body posture. It is all done subconsciously.

You might have heard about the reverse strategy – if you consciously change your body posture, movements, and gestures, it will retroactively influence your mood.

When we are sad, we have no self-confidence. With a conscious change in our body posture, we can change it. Straight up, smile, even if it is forceful, it will change your mood. If you hold on to it long enough, consciously willing to change your emotions, your attitude will gradually help you feel in accordance with the expressions of your body posture.

We also express our stances with our clothing. We choose the color, type, and style of clothing that corresponds with our inner state. Here it works the same – we can retroactively influence our mood by choosing the right type of clothing.

How is all this related to feng shui?

Our living space (flat/apartment/house) is our extended body. Our body language discloses our actual mood as well as long term habits and it is the same with our living space. The way in which we organize our living space is also an expression of our values, habits, and attitudes. We collect things that are connected with our inner world.

Thus, the same as in the previous examples, we can change our mood by changing the environment we live in.

By arranging furniture, using a certain set of colors and shapes we can influence the flow of energy so that it supports the desired outcome. The deliberated and focused change of space is the basic keystone and the meaning of feng shui.

Feng shui it´s not about some strange “magic” or Chinese interior decorations, it´s about energy flowing in a supportive way.

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