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Creating a Vision Board is not just a cool thing to do in January. In fact, it could be a powerful tool for manifesting your vision.

Here is also a video if you prefer to watch it instead of reading 🙂

How does it work?

Our thoughts are really powerful. What you think about, you create. 

Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.

Tony Robbins

Are you aware of what are you thinking about throughout the day? Are you able to control your mind? Nowadays, we are so distracted every minute with too many impulses, so many things are trying to grab our attention all the time. If you don´t focus intentionally on what you want to do, you´ll easily end up doing things someone else wants you to do. 

Often we are so busy just reacting to what´s going on in our life, trying to solve the problems and escape from experiencing discomfort, that we don´t have even time to think about our vision. But if you´re just trying to get out of your current problems and you have no clue about an alternative you´d like to experience instead, it´s hard to decide what actions you need to take. 

Clarify your vision

Creating a Vision Board can help you be more aware of what exactly is your vision, what you´d like to achieve, what kind of life you´d like to live. Try to see your life as a journey. Your current situation is a point A and your desired future is a point B. But if you don´t have a vision, it´s as if you don´t know what´s your destination, you miss point B. If you don´t know where are you heading, how do you think you´ll get there? 

By creating a vision you can also realize how big is the difference between your current reality and your ideal future. It´ll help you to position yourself on the fictional map so you can become more aware of the distance between your points A and B and to estimate how much time and energy it could cost you to get there. In our case, it means to make a plan, and then take action, follow the steps.

Reach your goals faster including Feng shui

There are many ways how you can achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. My suggestion is to include also Feng shui in your toolbox. It could help you achieve your goals faster, like driving a car instead of just walking all the way. 

So let´s summarize the benefits of creating a Vision Board:

  • clarifying what you really want and how your vision looks like
  • spending quality time with yourself tuned in to your desired future so you can get the right vibes for manifesting your vision
  • creating a reminder of your vision so you can stay more focused on what you really want instead of getting distracted all the time

I believe that I inspired you enough to invest your energy into creating your vision. In the next article, I´ll show you more examples of how to create your vision board and how to use it to manifest everything you want, so stay tuned 🙂