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If you’re considering creating a Vision Board that will help you manifest your dreams, don’t spoil your chances by making one of these mistakes:

You can watch this video or read the article below, just chose what works better for you 😉

#1: Disproportionate focus when setting up your goals

If you´re struggling in one area of your life, maybe you´ll focus on setting goals mostly in this area and forget about anything else. It´s OK to have a priority and focus on solving one problem at a time. But if you´ll ignore areas of life you don´t need to pay attention to right now, you might end up with big problems here in the future.

You can create another Project Vision Board for the topic you want to focus on most in this time period. However, I would also suggest creating a Vision Board which includes ALL areas of your life.  You can use the Feng Shui chart as a template.

Fenng Shui chart
Feng Shui chart (Bagua)

#2: Misalignment of your goals

Many people put on their Vision Boards just things that anyone else does, like a big house, luxury car, 7-figure income, just a general vision of success that most people hold. But if it´s not in alignment with your Soul, you won´t achieve it, or, even if you do, it won’t make you happy as you thought it might.

I suggest spending time listening to your Soul, meditating, or journaling about what you REALLY want, what´s most important to you personally in your life. What brings you joy and makes you feel alive? Be specific! Create the life that YOU want rather than trying to copy the universal blueprint for success that everybody else has.

#3: Creating a Vision Board while in low vibrations

If you are struggling in your life right now, if you´re worried about your future, or if you feel desperate as a result of your current situation, be sure to get yourself into a better state before you start to create. Otherwise, you´ll be putting this kind of energy into your Vision Board, and instead of feeling inspired by looking at it, you´ll feel frustrated or even desperate and these of course aren´t the right kind of vibrations for manifesting your dreams.

So before you start to create your Vision Board, do you spend a few minutes tuning into gratitude for everything you already have and create from a space of intention and inspiration instead of desperation. 

# Believe that it´s possible

My last piece of advice is: before you complete your Vision Board, make sure you believe it´s possible for you to achieve everything you choose to put there, otherwise your subconscious mind will sabotage all your conscious effort 🙂