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How to create a really powerful Vision Board that will help you manifest your dreams? Let the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui help you! When creating, you can apply the same principles as I´m using by harmonizing homes. The use of the Feng Shui chart helps you be more intentional by creating your vision and you´ll get also more energy support in the process of manifestation 🙂

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How to create a Feng Shui Vision Board using the Pakua chart

On the internet, you´ll find the square chart with 9 square fields, and also an octagonal chart with world directions. Which one is “the right one”? In your home, these are different methods so you´d use them differently on your floorplan. When creating a Feng Shui Vision Board you can use any of them because it´s all the same. You´ll get 9 fields with the same position of areas of life as a result.

The square one is the most practical if you want to use your phone or tablet for creating it so I´m going to use this one as well in this article 🙂

Let´s dive into the meaning of each field and what you can place there 🙂

Center (the whole person, overall physical and mental health, life as a whole)

Place here a picture of you, smiling and happy. You can also put some “keywords” you´d like to focus on this year like joy, love, financial freedom… Whatever is your primary desire to achieve or experience this year.

Career (Mission, Life journey)

If you´d like to achieve some career goals in your job or to start a new career, you can place here some symbols of status you´d like to get. Write it in words or create a business card with the desired position. You can even photoshop your face on some person in this position as if it´s already reached 😉

If you´re just unsatisfied with your work but have no clue what else to do, place here a picture of a compass or lighthouse. It´ll help you get more clarity about your life journey. You can also use some words like clarity, inspiration, fulfillment.

And if you don´t have any career goals in this period of life, you can contemplate your life direction in general: where would you like to go in your life? what´s your mission? Then, express it here in some way. 

Wisdom (Inner knowledge, Self-improvement)

If you study anything, you can create a degree in what you´re studying or your name with a title you´ll get as if you achieved it already. If you want to develop inner wisdom, get into a better alignment with your inner self, or evolve your meditation practice, this is also a place where to display it.

If you´d like to start some kind of self-improvement like lose weight or create a new healthy habit, again, put here some symbol of it, create a photoshopped picture of you in the shape you´d like to be, a number if you have tangible goals in losing weight or times a week you´ll work out. Just find some way how to express your goal as if already been achieved.

Family (Ancestors, Community) 

If you have a family, place a picture of all members in this field. Even if you don´t have any specific goals in this area, just keep it here as a reminder of how lucky you are to have a family. If you want to improve something specific like to improve your relationship with one of the members, or be more patient with children, you can express it here. You can use some affirmations, pictures, or symbols.

If you want to start a family, find a picture with as many members as you wish your family should have. If you live alone, you can place here a picture of the Tree of Life as a symbol of strong roots and many branches. This can remind you of a connection with your ancestors or extended family. Even if you don´t know them or they don´t live anymore you can let this awareness empower you anyway.

Money (Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance)

If you´re struggling with money, you can put a symbol of your financial goals here. You can dream big, but before you put any number on your VB, perceive if you can believe that it´s real for you. Otherwise, you´d feel rather depressed than inspired by looking at it. I suggest putting rather objects you desire to have than the amount of money you need to buy them. Don´t forget that the Universe can find many other ways how to bring it to you 🙂

Be aware that feeling abundance is not only about money and material things. Spend some time imagining what exactly an abundance means to you, feel it, and then express it here. Just make the most out of your Feng Shui Vision Board in this area 🙂

Fame (Reputation, Self-realization, Fulfillment)

If your goal is worldwide fame and you want to become a celebrity – put a picture with your face on the cover of a magazine or on the screen of the TV or anywhere you want to be published or promoted (for me it´s growing my YouTube channel so you can help me to achieve my goal by subscribing ;-)).

But it´s not only about becoming a celebrity. It´s also about your self-realization and fulfillment, what you´d like to be known for (and not necessarily by millions). For example, you can wish to be known as the best baker or a seamstress in the wider area. Or you can here remind yourself of who you would like to become. Don´t forget to write it in a present: “I am”.

Relationship (Love, Marriage, Partnership, Motherhood)

If you have a partner, put here a picture of you both together, happy and smiling. It´s a real gift these days to live in a loving relationship so keep it here as a reminder and feel love and gratitude. It´ll help you to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

If you want to find a partner, your soulmate – try to imagine qualities you expect in a relationship more than a color of hair or body measurements. What´s important for you in a relationship? What do you value most? How you´d like to feel in your ideal relationship? You can use words and affirmations.

If you couldn´t find a partner for a long time or you had more unhealthy relationships in a row in the past, try to understand your part in it. We always attract the right partner who sets up a mirror for us and brings us the lessons we need. There´s always some reason for attracting anyone into our life. 

Children (Future, Creativity)

If you have children – again, put a picture of them here to keep your relationship strong and loving. If you want a baby, put a picture of a baby here. If you´d like to symbolically “give birth” to a new creative project this year, you can also express it here.

Or if you´d like to get more childlike energy into your life, like lightness, joy, being in a present moment – you can also put here some symbols or affirmations. The same if you´d like to become more relaxed or have more time for entertainment with your hobby – just express it here somehow. 

Helpful friends (Unseen Assistance, Travel)

You can put here picture of your real friends for feeling a connection and building your relationship because we all are social beings and we just need to connect and belong, it´s important for our emotional and even for our physical health.

If you´d like to find your tribe, your community of like-minded friends, you can put a picture of a group of happy people or express in words the feelings and values you´d like to gain in this relationship. But these could be also spiritual friends so if you´d like to deepen your alignment with your spiritual guides or you´d like to feel more support of God, or the Universe, you can express it here as well.

And this is also a place where you can put your travel goals if you have some in all this craziness. You can put here pictures of your dream destinations.

What next?

As a bonus, I´m going to share with you also 3 tips on how to empower your Vision Board and put more energy into the process of manifesting your dreams:

  • put it in a visible place/handy (phone, computer…)
  • stay in touch with it and tune into your vision on a regular basis
  • if you really want to make your dreams come true, you need to take action, so in addition to creating a Vision Board and visualizing your dreams every day, just go and do something

I wish you good luck by manifesting your dreams and creating your most amazing life! 🙂