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The simplest possible explanation of basic Feng Shui rules 🙂

You don´t need to know everything about Feng Shui – just by using only a few basic rules, you can significantly improve your home harmony and the quality of your life. Feng Shui is not about using Chinese figures, as you can think after reading some popular articles :D. It´s all about understanding and regulating optimal energy flow.

How we percieve the energy flow around us?

Did you experience sometimes that you entered someone´s home or a restaurant or maybe a garden and you felt immediately as being “at home”, even if it didn´t look very luxurious? And why do we sometimes feel uncomfortable in another place, even when it is nicely arranged, why don’t we feel good?

It is because we perceive the space around us not only with the standard five senses. Our sub-consciousness perceives the character of the energy as well. We cannot see the flow of energy, but we can feel its effects. As far as I know, nobody can see gravity but based on the experience no one doubts it works.

You don´t need to see the gravity to believe in it. It´s the same with energy flow 😉

In the past people used to be more sensitive to energies in their environment due to their closeness with nature. Their lives actually depended on this ability.

Animals still have these instincts. They know where is (or not) a good place for sleeping, where it is not good to be around, how to create a safe refuge, when to conceive their babies and when to start getting ready for winter-housing.

Wild animals are using their instincts for creating home harmony 🙂
(photo Pixabay)

Humans, on the other hand, have lost these abilities thanks to our civilization´s achievements. We build houses in very unsuitable places, arrange beds or work tables inappropriately, and then we wonder why we have difficulties falling asleep, we can’t concentrate on work, why we have health issues or other straits.

Our bodies, though, still belong to nature. Even though we´ve lived in civilization for centuries, they still react according to nature´s laws. The rules of Feng Shui partially replace our long lost instincts. This helps us create a living space, where we could feel comfortable and safe, where we recharge energetically instead of being harmed by negative influences.

What are the basic Feng Shui rules for creating a pleasant and harmonious home?

Finding out how the energy is flowing is not enough. It is important to know how to use it. Know how to weaken the influence of the negativity and replace it with good amounts of positive energy in our living space. Once you fill your home with harmony, you start to feel agreeable, full of energy and zest for life.

The basic goal is to direct the flow of energy (Chinese call it Qi or Chi) in the space so that it will influence us positively. Chi is the essence of life, invigorating energy that we need for life and without which live organisms languish. The flow of Chi in our home can be imagined as a river. If it flows too fast the life cannot be sustained in it, when it stops it creates stinky slough.

Energy flow you can imagine as a flowing water

In nature, the ideal is a quietly meandering river full of life on the banks and inside the water alike. This kind of energy flow is what we are trying to resemble in a home with the help of Feng Shui rules.

How do we find out, where is the energy flowing, when we do not see it?

Try to imagine a miniature model of your house or flat. Now try to imagine pouring the flow of water into the entrance door. Where would it flow? Would it reach all spaces and rooms evenly or would it swiftly run through a narrow corridor straight to the opposite window or terrace door and outside?  Would it resemble a gently meandering river or create whirls at some places while creating static swamps elsewhere? 

Similarly would look the energy flow in your flat. The position of your sofa, bed, or stove is influencing you more than you think. This design or arrangement if you please is what conditions your ability to feel pleasant, relaxed, well-rested, or in constant subconscious tension or chronic tiredness.

How do we find out whether our home is arranged harmoniously or not?

The scales by which we can measure are our emotions. How do you feel when you look around? Do you feel peaceful and safe? Or do you feel restless, urge to do something, or reversely tired, not willing to do anything at all?  Do you feel cheerful and satisfied staying home or rather annoyed because of the spiderwebs or pile of unsorted things in the corner gives you a feeling of guilt or some other negative emotions?

Don´t underestimate the importance of harmony and positive energy in your home. How you feel and how much energy you can get there is really important, because a lack of good quality sleep affects your performance in your work and thus your financial situation and feeling of fulfillment.  If you are irritated and tired you can´t expect to be communicating lovingly with your close ones which most likely hurts your relations.

Learn how to use Feng Shui for your better life 🙂