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I´m a sugarholic, now it´s legit. Many years ago, when I was changing my eating habits step by step to gain more energy and vitality, sweets were my final crime against my super-healthy lifestyle. Since I looked good and felt great, for a long time I didn´t feel the necessity to change that. I made a few attempts to avoid sweets for various reasons throughout these years but it never lasted longer than a few months.

Only with perimenopause coming, as I started to see and feel changes in my body, I became more serious about this not-so-innocent-anymore misdemeanor. And, after testing many methods and ways how to decrease my sugar consumption, I realized that for me, there´s only one long-term sustainable solution – get completely sugar-free. I won the battle for my body and my energy, and I was satisfied.


… until I felt very self-assured with my healthy habits and high energy lifestyle. I believed that a small exception here and there on special occasions couldn´t do any harm. I turned back to avoiding sugar completely as soon as I realized I was an addict again. And then tried some exceptions again with a different (as I believed) mindset, and just repeated the pattern. The last year, I did many intentional exceptions and for a long time, it looked like finally, I got it, and this time it could work.

I was wrong

Today I had to admit that NO, it definitely doesn´t work. I´m an addict again and I don´t like it! In fact, it wasn´t ok for the last few weeks but I didn´t want to see that because during Christmas, it was more comfortable to eat with family and don´t bother with any food restrictions. Now the holidays are over and I feel really uncomfortable in my body. Time to get back to my healthy habits and reclaim my energy, reclaim my life! Bye-bye sugar (and probably bye-bye gluten as well), I want to be The High Energy Woman again!