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The first twelve days after your birthday is the most important time of the year for you. In these days begins a symbolic countdown for the entire following year. You have a great opportunity to create the appropriate program of desired events and successes and so to influence your future destiny. Each of these twelve days corresponds to one month of your following year.

You may have noticed that many people feel nervous a few days before their birthdays, often even cramped or sad. To avoid this, try following these simple rules a week before your birthday:

  • Forgive everyone who did hurt you this year. You can choose your own way, whether only by internal decision, by making a ritual, or if you are a believer by visiting a church.
  • Do everything you can to pay off your debts. Not only the financial ones but also the spiritual ones – ask forgiveness from everyone who may feel hurt by you in some way. Try to complete the most important works and projects, or at least lay the groundwork to complete them.
  • Allow yourself one evening of self-care and reflection on the results of the past year. Admit mistakes and defeats, and most importantly, appreciate and acknowledge your achievements. You can write everything down on paper divided into two halves.

On your birthday, take at least ten minutes to write down your desires and goals for the next year. When formulating, use the present tense and avoid negations. Keep the list until your next birthday. On this day, you should not engage in any conflict, spit out, borrow, condemn, or slander, nor cry.

How to spend the first twelve days the best way possible?

First day

Today’s mood indicates how you will feel next year, this is the reason why you gather with people you love and receive gifts and they all want to make you happy. Try to pick your own way of celebrating – if you are not a party person then look for something that works for you. Follow your desires and happiness, find your way how to enjoy this day. Today is also the right time for changing your image or starting new habits such as exercise or meditating.

Second day

Think about your finances, control your debts and profits so you can build a good foundation for your next income. Stimulate your economical situation with some donation to a charity or buy some gift to loved one or friend. Don’t take a loan this day.

Now is also the right day to start eating healthier. Choose the diet you like so you can commit to it long-term.

Third day

This day is good for contacting people or find a new way of communication. If you are not good on listening, try it today, if you are an introvert, try to go socialize or attract some attention to you. Just try ways of communication that are new to you.

Avoid conflict, pay attention to new ideas because they may be new opportunities. Pay attention also to new contacts in your business because they could be promising and important in future. You can also write business letters to your partners to strengthen your collaboration.

Fourth day

During this day focus on supporting your loved ones. Part of your success depends on them so visit or call them and tell them how much you care. Invite them to a dinner to thank them, if they are far away or itยดs impossible right now you can at least text them or have a nice call.

Do some cleaning at home or fix something, this day is also good for meditation.

Fifth day

Express your creativity because without creativity you cannot achieve success. Remember your childhood and paint a picture or write a poem. If you have an opportunity to spend the day with kids, that’s great – kids can inspire your creativity for sure. This day is good for strengthening your relationship or marriage.

Sixth day

During this day focus on your health. You can go for a massage or detox, or spending time in nature. Today is also a good day to prepay some hours in the gym. You can also take a preventive visit to the doctor. Be aware of what you eat today and avoid sweets or fat.

Seventh day

Take care of your family and family plans, take over future vacations or big purchases. No quarrels today, you’d better buy your partner a small gift. This is good time to confess your love to your partner, if you haven’t done it in a relationship yet. This is a day of love and dreaming. If your have to deal with some documents today, you’d better check carefully what you’re signing. Today, all partnership agreements, both creative and financial, await success.

Eighth day

A day for your Higher Self and the search for the meaning of life. Today, it is better to move away from people and think about yourself. Clarify mistakes, analyze successes, set priorities. Don’t get involved in any intrigue, avoid someone else’s problem, and don’t give advice to anyone. Intimate relationships are not suitable either, consciousness is oriented inwards. Losing something on this day is considered a lucky sign. The dream you dreamed tonight can come true.

Ninth day

Plan fun and relaxation for today. If possible, take a vacation and go on at least a short trip (at least walk around the place where you live). Find something to lift your soul – an exhibition, a theater performance or a concert (it could be online if still in lockdown). Buy interesting readings about trips and cultural monuments. Search for contacts with people of other nationalities, you will learn a lot of interesting information.

Any study today is a guarantee of future success. Be sure to think of charity today, the money will be returned to you in the form of authority and respect.

Tenth day

Day of shaping financial and career successes. Spend an hour on your plans. Set clear goals for the future and be sure to write them down, because the subconscious mind takes the written idea as a done deal. Think about how to increase your income, such as how to increase your skills. If you’ve already achieved a successful position, such as running your own business, you can help someone else, such as a prospective co-worker. The help you give today will return to you in good time. Be sure to call your parents today.

Eleventh day

A day important for recognizing good friends. Whoever called or wrote to you on your birthday or even with a slight delay deserves your trust. Today you can celebrate your birthday once again. If one of your loved ones tends to provoke conflict on this day, watch out – those who do not wish you anything good are especially active on this day. This day is suitable for major changes such as engagement, wedding, acceptance of citizenship, and the like. Watch out for home appliances today, you may be injured.

Twelfth day

Day of forgiveness and gratitude. If you are a believer, go to church and light a candle for your enemies, forget about mental pain. Another option is to perform a forgiveness ritual at home. Ask a higher power to send you the opportunity to do good. On this day we are open to all supportive energy, try to recieve it from everywhere. If someone asks you for help today, don’t refuse. This day is also suitable for starting an effort to eliminate a bad habit.

Enjoy your birthday, and program intentionally the most beautiful next year of your life ๐Ÿ™‚