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Did you ever experience a situation that you were trying to solve a problem, thinking about all possible solutions, feeling anxious, and getting stressed and overwhelmed?

I bet you did! These days, we have way more information and options than is suitable for our comfortable decision-making. Today I´m going to share with you my experience of how it´s possible to shift this stress and overwhelm into pure joy and excitement, how to get clarity, and to get the best solution possible in almost no time!

I always had a problem making decisions, choosing something. This necessity to pick one thing and lose another created a lot of stress for me. Since I started my personal growth journey, I worked a lot on improving my ability to decide faster and with more ease. But this is a process and I´m not perfect yet, so I still have to face challenges in this area from time to time.

Today was the day…

So here I am again, fighting too many options, and too many possible results to consider, welcome anxiety and overwhelm! But as soon as I realized what I´m doing, I knew I need to interrupt this old pattern and get out of it. And then I remembered that I actually promised my friend Caroline that I would “do business with the heart” and follow The Heart Manifesto. So I stopped dealing with my head, put my hand to my heart, and tried to receive an answer of how to solve my dilemma.

And then a miracle happened…

…and all the anxiety and dissatisfaction and overwhelming possibilities, and the burden of deciding and calculating different variants of possible results suddenly disappeared. Only joy and enthusiasm remained 🙂 So it works! I knew the answer instantly, I got an exact vision of how to solve this situation!

And since then I started getting other “hints” one by one. And, of course, what I did turned out to be the best solution possible. And I wonder:

Why are we doing things in so complicated and stressful way?? Why aren´t we using Heart all the time instead of being caught in our Mind and causing so much anxiety, stress, and the whole spectrum of negative emotions?

From today, I´m going to be more aware of this wonderful possibility. I´m going to listen more to my Heart instead of trying to figure out everything in my head. I don´t expect that I´ll be perfect in this right now, I know that it needs time like every process does. But you know how it is:

You don´t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

Zig Ziglar

So I´m starting, right now, today. Would you like to join me? Let´s actively live the declaration:

I am Heart!