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18.4. 2022

How to create the reality you want to live in?

Learn how to create a completely different reality for yourself, and how to change the world by using this skill daily :-)

15.4. 2022

How to change your life using the power of this simple ritual

Do you need an extra impulse to reach your goals faster and make your dream come true? This powerful ritual could be a really useful tool for manifesting your desired reality. I´ll show you how to support energetically your intention and how to put more energy into manifesting your vision, to reach your goals faster and...

18.2. 2021

How to spend the first 12 days after your Birthday?

The first twelve days after your birthday is the most important time of the year for you. In these days begins a symbolic countdown for the entire following year. You have a great opportunity to create the appropriate program of desired events and successes and so to influence your future destiny. Each of these twelve days corresponds...

14.2. 2021

Feng Shui your bedroom and get more passion into your relationship

Today is Valentine’s Day when many of us will show love with various gifts. Are there other ways to stir up passion and ignite feelings? Definitely yes, and you have them right under your nose. Specifically in your bedroom 🙂 How to arrange a bedroom for supporting a fulfilled and loving relationship? First of all, the bedroom...

12.2. 2021

Create a powerful Feng Shui Vision Board and manifest your dreams

How to create a really powerful Vision Board that will help you manifest your dreams? Let the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui help you! When creating, you can apply the same principles as I´m using by harmonizing homes. The use of the Feng Shui chart helps you be more intentional by creating your vision and you´ll...

11.2. 2021

Living from the Heart

Did you ever experience a situation that you were trying to solve a problem, thinking about all possible solutions, feeling anxious, and getting stressed and overwhelmed? I bet you did! These days, we have way more information and options than is suitable for our comfortable decision-making. Today I´m going to share with you my experience of how...

11.1. 2021

Why you need a Vision Board and how it works

Creating a Vision Board is not just a cool thing to do in January. In fact, it could be a powerful tool for manifesting your vision. How does it work? Our thoughts are really powerful. What you think about, you create.  Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life....

28.10. 2020

Intuition over Mind

The Universe communicates with us. There´s a path for us and there are signs. I´ll tell you a story of how I wanted to do what seems so “logical” to me and how the reality unfolded itself 😀 My Soul tried to guide me all my life regardless of my Ego. Now I can see it clearly backward but I wasn´t...

home harmony
15.8. 2020

How to use Feng Shui rules for feeling “at home” in your home?

The simplest possible explanation of basic Feng Shui rules 🙂 You don´t need to know everything about Feng Shui – just by using only a few basic rules, you can significantly improve your home harmony and the quality of your life. Feng Shui is not about using Chinese figures, as you can think after reading some...

3.3. 2020

Need more energy? Here´s where you get it!

Is the level of your life energy so down that you have to push yourself into doing even simple everyday tasks? Do you wonder why are you so tired when it seems that you didn´t accomplish so much from your never-ending everyday to-do list? Are you comparing yourself with “other women” who are just more successful...